What is going to Satisfy us?

In Surah An Nahl, verse 53, Allah ﷻ said:

Whatever blessings you have are all from Allah.

We enjoy Allah ﷻ blessings upon us, food, drink, health, house, family, a bed to sleep, lots of blessings, but unfortunately, we sometimes ignore being grateful to the blessings, and only counting the hardships, this is not the behaviour of the believers. No one knows the meaning of blessings, only the one who has lost those blessings. The one who has children complain about his children, the one who is married, complaining about his marriage, the one who does not have children complain that he does not have children. What is going to satisfy us?….

Allah ﷻ gave you Barakah (blessings), He gave you children, He gave you position, He gave you wealth, now how are you going to be grateful to Him! All of us used to complain before about our life, now in this situation, coronavirus, all at home, we can not work, lots of issues, what do we want! Ya Allah ﷻ we beg you to go back to our normal life, the life that we used to complain about, and we will not complain again.

First of all always say Alhamdulillah, ya Allah ﷻ you have blessed us with a lot of blessings, I have a house to stay, I have food to eat, I have children around me, I have a spot in my house to pray, these are all blessings. Let us hope and pray that InshaAllah Allahﷻ gives us an opportunity again to pray Jama’ah at his mosques, to be better people as we are trying and we are hoping, and we are praying, as we are doing all good deeds, let these be with us always not only in the situation of hardship but in the situation of ease as well InshaAllah. We ask Allah ﷻ to grant us the barakah of the month of Ramadan, the barakah of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the barakah of the peaceful night of Lailatul Qadir InshaAllah. Pray to Allah ﷻ to be among those people whom Allah ﷻ grant them Lailatul Qadir, spend the whole 10 nights in a special Ibadah (worship), so Allah ﷻ will grant you special reward from Him, the hidden reward that you never imagined, that you are going to see it in your Dunyah & your Akhirah InshaAllah.

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