The Greatest Success

As we are now towards the end of Ramadan, intensively we have to ask ourself, what we have got! And what we have learned from the school of Ramadan! The school this time is in an extraordinary time, when all of us at home, worshiping Allah ﷻ in a different way.

Sayydina Al-Imam Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali (Rahimahullah) said: “As the month of Ramadan now come to an end, now our deeds have to be increased.”

You enjoyed doing all the good deeds, continue!

The spirituality of Ramadan not because of Ramadan itself, it’s because of Allah ﷻ wants it to be a month of spirituality, and Allah ﷻ He wants you to be a spiritual believer. We are not waiting for Ramadan to worship Allah ﷻ nicely, and you are not waiting for Ramadan to end and leave that beautiful Ibadah (worshiping), that is a mistake. Spirit of Ramadan should accompany us all the time because Ramadan itself is the month of blessing, later on, if you find the spirituality and the sweetness of your Ibadah after Ramadan, this is something which is very great, that means you have won, you have got the lesson of Ramadan, you have graduated from the month of Ramadan, this is the greatest success. Brothers and sisters this is the time for us to do so, do not lose this opportunity. The opportunity of graduation in a great success of Ramadan, by bringing the spirit of Ramadan with you, if you finish Khatmul Quran, start now with a new one, so that Khatmul Quran, later on, will be the spirit of Ramadan to continue, the Barakah (blessing) of Ramadan will be with you always InshaAllah, because you have started something in Ramadan and that thing will be with you all the way InshaAllah.

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